Michelle Balch - '66 Crown Coupe

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Michelle Balch - '66 Crown Coupe

Postby Rick Andersen » Sun Dec 20, 2020 4:51 pm

Please welcome what I believe to be our first female member, Michelle Balch from my home town Tacoma, Washington. Michelle is better known as Misha.

https://www.v8registry.com/michelle-bal ... ngton.html

I have also included a few photos that were Misha's previous projects.

66 Caprice 396.jpg
63 Bel Air black two door post w red interior 6 cyl w 3 on tree.jpg
15-standing front-drive-3-qtr view.JPG
97 V-Max.jpg
shovelhead chop.jpg
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Re: Michelle Balch - '66 Crown Coupe

Postby MishaB65 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:19 am

Thank you for that introduction, Rick. Hi everyone.

I look forward to becoming a valued member and helping to grow the V8 community as much, or, actually more, than I have my local Corvair club, Corvairs NW. I have been in school almost a decade now, and it has been really difficult to participate in the local club and keep my school work up. Yet I do owe a great deal to some of the wonderful members of Corvairs NW for the help they offered to keep my '64 Monza on the road for the first few years I was back in school. I'm looking forward to graduation in 2023 so I will have time to be more active in the hobby.

Of course, as I noted in my phone conversation with John, until I have completed my current doctoral program and graduated and have my private practice up and running, I will need to make concessions to keep my education and future employment front and center in my life. But this will not be forever, and my choice of transportation will always be something I invest energy and time into learning as much as I can about, improving my knowledge and ability for self-sufficiency and offering help to others. This is especially true when it involves Corvairs and the larger community who use them for their daily transportation, and who and invest their time and energy in keeping the memory of these cars alive in the public's imagination. And, this goes double for the more exclusive community of the V8 owner/builders.

I know that it is something notable to be the first in anything. And, so, if I am truly the first female to be granted membership in the club, I expect closer scrutiny. Being that this is the V8 Registry, it didn't seem to be the place to post photos of my other automotive toys. However, since my Crown is in such terrible shape, and actually will be changing bodies from a 66 Monza body to a 65 Corsa body I thought it appropriate to post something indicating that I am more than just a wanna-be fender bunny. I do want to be a CorV8 owner and builder, and I'm sure those experiences will come in time to add to my previous classic car restoration experiences. I've had about 25 or so classic cars in my time and worked on most of them to one degree or another. I do some fabrication and paint in my little shop and have brought a few cars back from the dead to daily-driver condition. Truthfully, the only reason I'm not building my Crown myself right now is because my daily work in reading, research, and writing papers to earn my degree leaves me no time to do the work myself. Rick was kind enough to post a few of the photos of some of the cars, trucks and motorcycles I've had the pleasure to own/rebuild in my little one-stall garage, to earn some sort of place here.

I'll be paying for the '65 Corsa body this week (about January 20th) with the first cuts to install the Crown sub-frame (which is getting powder-coated as I write this), and the radiator likely occurring late-January, and the freshened 327 bolted in soon after that.

Thank you, and my best hope for all of us that 2021 holds some kind of improvement over 2020.

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