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2019 CORSA Convention

Postby Rick Andersen » Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:55 pm

Registry Members,

If you are attending the CORSA Convention from July 23-27 in St. Charles, IL, we would like a note or a call to confirm your attendance. Please indicate if your Conversion will be entered in the Friday, July 26th autocross. Remember, for the first time in history, CORSA will be presenting the Ted Trevor Award for the Corvair Conversion with the Fastest Time of Day from Class SC-1 and SM-2. Should that car also finish with FTD for all classes, then that driver will also receive the Don Yenko Award. The V-8 Registry will also offer a cash prize of $100 each to a member who wins one or both awards. The awards are presented at the Awards Banquet on Friday evening. You must purchase a banquet ticket in advance for seating at the banquet. If you do not attend the banquet, you will still be notified in advance if you are the winner of an award. You can come forward to receive your award when your name is announced.

At last year's convention, Howard Trevor drove Ted's No. 1 Shop Car to the convention in Pittsburgh and won the Ted Trevor Award for the most original Crown Conversion at the convention. Now that CORSA is awarding a trophy in Ted Trevor's name on an annual basis, the Registry has decided to place the perpetual trophy permanently in the possession of the Trevor family.


The V-8 Registry Annual Meeting is scheduled on Thursday, July 25th from 8:00-9:00 PM. The meeting room has not been announced. Check the hotel bulletin board for meeting locations. The meeting format is changing slightly this year. Members will receive a People's Choice Ballot as you enter the meeting room. You will be directed to vote for the V-8 Conversion that you like best from the list provided. Place your ballot in the ballot box. The business meeting will start promptly at 8:00 PM for members and guest. At the conclusion of the meeting we will announce the winner of the People's Choice Award and present a plaque to the winner. No door prizes will be offered during the annual meeting. At the conclusion of business, Registry members will be directed to Portillo's, a restaurant next to the hotel's property. The address is 3895 East Main Street. Portillo's serves Chicago style food, Italian beef, ribs, specialty hot dogs and salads. Each Registry Member will receive two (2) drink tickets for beer. If you don't drink, give your tickets to someone who does. You may order food from the menu for yourself only and the Registry will pay for it. This is an 'open to the public' restaurant; so if you bring friends who are not members, you are on the honor system to order only food for yourself. We can't afford to feed everyone at the convention that follows us to Portillo's.

Tickets will handed out to members for door prize drawings. Russ Brandenburg has provided two unique car drawings that he created. One will be offered as a door prize and the other will be given to the winner of the Peoples Choice Award. Additional door prizes include shirts, license plates, magnetic signs, and copies of the new 2018 edition of the CORV-8 Book by Greg Riley. The party will conclude at midnight when the restaurant closes.


This is a reminder that only Corvair Conversions entered in either Class SC-1 or SM-2 are eligible to compete for the Ted Trevor Award. If you enter your car in another class, you can't win the Ted Trevor Award. Again, if you have not already indicated that you are entering your conversion in the autocross, please contact us as soon as possible.

Everyone enjoys watching the conversions complete; so bring your lounge chairs and coolers and cheer on our members. Driving a fast car on a hot and curvy course is not a easy matter. Best wishes to all who are competing. At last count 10 cars are entered.

Although a number of our members have indicated that they plan to attend, we are hoping for a larger turnout and we would like a better idea of how many to plan for. Here's the list of those confirmed.
Mark Allen*
Dave Baeckelandt
Steve Baeckelandt*
Paul Beck*
Cory Black
John Black*
Russ Brandenburg*
David Button*
Guy Desjardins*
Rich Dieter*
Scott Earehart*
Warren Holt
Ken Klassen*
John Lanning
John Mar
Don Marty
Bob Sandrock

* Cars scheduled to participate in the Friday Autocross

John Lanning
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