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The Corv-8, A Must Read Book

PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:45 pm
by Louisville Lanning
Although Greg Riley wrote a book about Ted Trevor and his Crown Corv-8 in 2005, many Corvair enthusiasts are unfamiliar with the book, myself included until two years ago. This 100 page history of Ted Trevor and Crown Manufacturing also offers detailed information on Kelmark and Mid-Engineering conversion kits. The book is available through Clark's Corvair Parts for $20.00 and is listed in their Main Catolog on page 251. Catalog Number #C887B

Greg Riley is in the process of setting up a new web site for selling and downloading his books. When it's available, members will be notified. Greg is also looking to write a revised edition of his Corv-8 book. After reading his book, you are invited to contact Greg with any new historical facts that you would like to share for the new book. Greg's email address is