John Banks Crown questions

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John Banks Crown questions

Postby Rick Andersen » Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:52 pm

John Banks is a V8 Registry member from down in Mississippi. He owns a '66 Corsa with a Crown conversion. I have a couple of questions about his experience with a Crown car - Any problems with overheating and have you broken any parts? If so, what did you break and how did you break them? I am also a Crown owner. If anyone else an contribute, jump right in.
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Re: John Banks Crown questions

Postby Calgary Klassen » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:33 pm

I have had my 66 Crown Corsa about 2 yrs now and in 5,000 miles and only a few things have broken on hard play haha

first my under dash clutch shaft broke due to sub standard weld on the shaft i was able to drive her home and remove it and re weld :)

then my original crown sub frame broke ( cracked all around the bottom of the box frame ) just behind the engine mounts on both sides !!!
I took it to a freind of mine who fish plated the sides and reinforced the botom I belive a combination of springs way to stiff and the roll bar and engine mount
convered at that exact spot i since have installed new springs and its way better but i look at it more now

the syncros in 2nd and 3rd are shot too much speed shifting hahaha guess its time to put my spare trans in once its gone through
mind you if you know how to double clutch " correctly" i can shift almost as fast up and down and it does sound way cool

my original crown shift u bar seems to be twisting the front shidt rod !! i still have to look into that
if anyone has any ideas on how that can happen im all ears

I plan to Flat tow her 770 miles to Tacoma in July for the convention behind my 65 Buick Sportwagon Old School just for looks hahaha
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