Front radiator and fan shroud.

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Postby WarWagon » Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:07 pm

WarWagon wrote:My Crown has the normal front verticle installed radiator work performed with only the lower valance cutout for the cooling air inlet. It has the typical Crown top of the wheel wells cut out for heat evacuation. Originally only the inlet to the brass four core radiator was sealed up with shrouds/air guides and nothing else on the rear of the radiator but two electric puller fans. Now I personally never had a cooling issue while moving with thermostat outlet temp of 185-190* with a load and not moving might hit 200-205* max. I did have an issue of heat soak and not getting the temps to come back down at a reasonable time once temps hit 210+* while not moving. So I blame the all the heat soaking on the lack of a shroud on the back of the radiator covering the fans making them struggle to pull in cool air while not moving. So I cut the button of the trunk floor out in front of the fuel tank and fabbed up a quick fiberglass radiator shroud to help the fans pull air in and direct the flow down instead of out the wheel wells. Probably not great to have more air under the car than it already is pulling but I'm not going out the hood with the hot air.
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