C5 Diff to Big Car Saginaw with C5 Rear Suspension

Re: C5 Diff to Big Car Saginaw with C5 Rear Suspension

Postby Louisville Lanning » Thu Apr 14, 2022 12:03 pm

This posting of information about the conversion of a Corvair to V-8 power utilizing the Corvette C5 Diff to a Big Car Saginaw with C5 Rear Suspension has received over 21,000 views since 2017. Obviously this is a popular topic for building a Corvair Conversion.

Several weeks ago, Keith Waters sent me a updated picture showing the Corvair frame rail dimensions. Further back in this posting there is a another picture showing these dimensions, but this one may be easier to view. As members and other Corvair enthusiasts get started with new builds incorporating C5 components, we hope that this additional information is helpful. Good luck with your builds and we encourage those doing this for the first time to consider contacting a member who already has experience with such a project. There's no good reason to spend time and money learning something that another member has already experienced. Yes, I realize that we all want to 'do our own thing', but there's no good reason to reinvent the wheel, no matter how stubborn we are.
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