Corvette 275/40R-18 Wheels/Tires on Corvair?

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Corvette 275/40R-18 Wheels/Tires on Corvair?

Postby Louisville Lanning » Sat May 26, 2018 11:25 am


I see the postings listed under this 'WHEELS & TIRES' heading, but my question relates to this C5 Project that the Registry is involved with where several members are working on a kit for installing a C5 drivetrain in a Corvair. Keith Waters and Bob Depalo are both machinists and both are assisting each other to document with CAD drawings all the parts necessary to build a C5 drivetrain from a kit. Additional information on this topic is posted under another heading. Both have already started, but Bob has a 'test mule' in his shop that was provided by Mark Allen as the first 'guinea pig'. The test mule is also scheduled to receive a modified Corvette rear suspension.

There seems to be some difference of opinion as to whether it's possible to stuff a 275/40R-18 Corvette wheel/tire up in an unaltered rear wheel tub of a Corvair. We also are wondering if the same wheel/tire will fit up inside the front fender of an unaltered Corvair. I'm open to comments and suggestions. Call me or Bob Depalo. My number is 502-649-3290 (KY) and Bob's is 631-260-9945 (AR).

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